Life in Anchorage, Alaska

Q: Where is Anchorage located?
The City of Anchorage is situated on the southern edge of Alaska. It lies to the south of well known Mount McKinley.  Prince William Sound lies to the northwest. Anchorage is located on the foothills below the Chugach Mountains and is part of the Chugach State Park.

Q: What is special about Anchorage?
Referred to as an All-America city, Anchorage is the largest city in the state. It was established as a railroad construction port for the Alaksan Railroad in the early 1900's. Anchorage is home to a large number of bears, wolves, deer and moose. New laws and educational programs have been instated in the city to help manage the wildlife population.

Q: What neighborhoods are in Anchorage?
Downtown Anchorage is the central hub of the city offering a wide variety of shopping, restaurants and tourist attractions. The community of Eagle River is situated close to entrance of Chugach State Park, and is home to the Eagle River Nature Center. Other places and neighborhoods in Achorage include Eklutna, Bootleggers Cove and Government Hill.

Q: What is there to do in Anchorage?
The Chugach State Park is one of the largest state parks in the country. It is situated in the Chugach Mountains close to the Anchorage Bowl, and encompasses almost 500,000 acres. It has just under thirty trails, and several waterfront camping areas located on the Eagle River, Bird Creek and Eklutna Lake.

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